The Royal Family Standard

Wyvrin is a cluttered country; it's severely over-populated and many of it's citizens suffer from poverty. Oftentimes, children have work alongside their parents to help pay any necessities the family may need. The Court of Wyvrin is, however, quite elegant; the Royal Family enjoys a graceful and stylish lifestyle, in constrast to the country they run.

Thoughts on the WarEdit

Wyvrin, unlike its rival, is eager for war. They fully believe that they are right in their actions and are anxious for the chance to prove it.

Dominant ReligionEdit

Aerenity is the dominant religion, though Wyvrin is called home by some Gains. Cerenity is strictly prohibited.

Dominant SpeciesEdit

Humans are the dominant species of Wyvrin, though--due to the Queen--there are quite a few vampires roaming about.

The Royal FamilyEdit

Wyvrin is currently ruled by the Dencourt dynasty, whose head-of-house is King Nathaniel. His consort is Queen Arya of Desperatorn. Together, they have a son Prince -----, the Duke of Valwynne.

Succession Titles in WyvrinEdit

The succession titles in Wyvrin are as follows:

  1. Duke/Duchess of Valwynne
  2. Marquess of Westerly
  3. Earl/Countess of Marblelyn
  4. Viscount/Viscountess Summerburough
  5. Baron/Baroness Raywald

The Royal Family TreeEdit

View the family tree here--click on Geoffrey Moryet, the highest one on the tree, to view the entire tree. Please note that this tree consists of the Royal Families of Wyvrin and Desperatorn.

The Royal Family StandardEdit

  • The sable background represents constancy.

    The Royal Family Standard

  • The gules (red) of the griffin represents warrior or military strength, while the griffin itself symbolizes vigilance.
  • The motto of the Royal Family is licentia et familia, which means freedom and family.


The coat of arms was created using a free, online generator. The motto was created using a free, online generator, however two separate mottos were molded together.

The King's ParliamentEdit

Members of the King's Parliament, including those who hold a Great Officer of State Title, are:

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open
  7. Open
  8. Open
  9. Open
  10. Open
  11. Open
  12. Open
  13. Open
  14. Open
  15. Open
  16. Open
  17. Open
  18. Open
  19. Open

The King's Privy CouncilEdit

Members of the King's Privy Council are:

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

Great Officers of StateEdit

Members of Parliament who also are Great Officers of State, including which office they hold, are:

  1. Lord High Steward: Open
  2. Lord Chancellor: Open
  3. Lord High Treasurer: Open
  4. Lord President of the Council: Open
  5. Lord Privy Seal: Open
  6. Lord Chamberlain: Open
  7. Lord High Constable: Open
  8. Earl Marshal: Open
  9. Lord High Admiral: Open

Members of the King's HouseholdEdit

Members of the King's Household are:

  • Lord Steward: Open
  • Master Secretary: Open
  • Headmaster of the Chamber: Open
  • Groom's Men: Open

Members of the Queen's HouseholdEdit

Members of the Queen's Household:

Members of the Prince -----'s HouseholdEdit

  • Headmaster of the Chamber: Open
  • Groom's Men: Open

The DuchiesEdit

Main article: The Duchies of Wyvrin

The MarquesatesEdit

Main article: The Marquesates of Wyvrin

The EarldomsEdit

Main article: The Earldoms of Wyvrin

The ViscountiesEdit

Main article: The Viscounties of Wyvrin

The BaroniesEdit

Main article: The Baronies of Wyvrin

The ClergyEdit


Main article: Gaism


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Main article: Aerenity

The KnighthoodsEdit

Knight of the VineEdit

Those of the Order of the Vine were bestowed their honor for aiding and helping progress an alliance between Wyvrin and other regions and/or countries.

  • There currently is no list for the Order of the Vine.

Knight of the GriffinEdit

Those of the Order of the Griffin were bestowed their honor for their acts of service to the Royal Famiy.

  • There currently is no list for the Order of the Griffin.

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